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Teaching English for Young Learner

      1.      Why should we learning at young age?
Because Learning is one of the factors that influence and play an important role in the formation of personal and individual behavior and the brain of children are still innocent like an empty glass that has not been filled with water, so when the children receive a lesson, the lesson will be fully absorbed easily by their brains. Their concentration was still very good, so they are able to learn well, too. Before the age of ten, children are in early stages of grammar and largely depends on concrete sensory experiences for learning. Around the age of ten, children enter the phase of a more intense phase of grammar, his brain becomes physically able to make more complex connections, which makes children better able to handle abstract concepts and to help children with self-management and self-control. Unlike the adult brain that already has a lot of thought, like a glass of water that has been fully charged, at the time of receiving things, their brain will feel stressed and sometimes difficult to accept new material.

   2.    Children young learners like learning while playing. What does the statement mean? Elaborate your answer!
Basically the child's world is a world that is identical to the play, especially at an early age. Children love to learn a lot through play activities in containers that are instructive, because the play while learning about many things to make them more confident. For example in Kindergarten (TK) or the Playgroup, which has its own educational side. Examples include the swings that can train balance, playing carousel that can train the courage and emotional expression, and much more. Without realizing it, children have learned a lot with how to play. In addition it can sustain the growth of the physical aspect, the game-a game that is instructive also aims to develop aspects of the child's personality. Therefore, early childhood education through the method of play while play is considered very urgent. Children are the next generation in the foreseeable future, so that growth is both a physical aspect, as well as personality (mental) children need to be directed from the outset.

      3.      What abilities do you have that will help you in your teaching? Elaborate your answer!
I have the ability to draw something, so this really helped me in teaching, because our lives can not be separated from the image. There are many types of images that can be found all around us, so maybe many of us who do not know the function of these images in the learning process. In an effort to improve the quality of education that innovative and creative and in accordance with the times, teachers are required to be able to utilize a variety of sources and media learning, including the type of media images. It aims to continuously improve the quality of student learning outcomes. With the media draw I would invite children to understand the material described by making the learning process more interesting. As when learning about fruit, I will draw a variety of fruits so that children understand the material that I teach.

      4.   What aspects are concerned with classroom management? Elaborate your answer!
Classroom management is one important skill to master teacher. A teacher must be able to set up  her classroom as possible because the teacher is a leader and organizer in class. There are several aspects to consider in managing the classroom so that classroom management will achieve their objectives, so the process of education in the classroom will be successful.
Some aspects of classroom management that need attention:
1)  Planning is intended as an instructional medium for directing the activities of organizational learning leads to the activities of teachers and students in the implementation of teaching.
2)   Organizational learning is a business teacher in creating a facility or container and harmonious learning environment, according to the needs and support the creation of effective teaching and learning activities.
3)      Fostering students is an attempt to awaken and direct the students' motivation.
4)  Supervision is a business teacher in observing, helping, assigning and directing learning activities of students according to instructional planning that have been previously compiled.
5)     Evaluation of the implementation of learning activities and student learning outcomes. The results of this evaluation is used as feedback for the review of all planning and activities that have been implemented for the existing deficiencies can be corrected and the things that have been adequately maintained so that learning could be better then.

5.  Explain about the characteristics of effective teachers! What do they do in managing classroom?
A good teacher is a model in teaching quality and has some characteristics that are needed in the process of teaching in the classroom. The level of quality is what determines the quality of their learning.
a) Teachers have good personality
They can develop authentic human
b) Having a strong interest in the subjects taught
A teacher is really mastered the material taught since the subject matter is desirable, and he acted with responsibility for such material.
c) Positive dispositions toward knowledge
Teachers have the ability to use knowledge in making plans, lesson plan
d) Have the ability to predict students' personalities
A teacher must be able to know their students setian personality, so he is able to provide for certain assessments.
e) Have patience, familiarity, and sensitivity necessary to foster the spirit of learning.
Surely a good teacher, should have all these aspects so that students feel the love from a teacher.
f) Command a repertoire of teaching practices
He can view everything he know in order to stimulate student
g) Reflection and problem solving
When the teacher has to evaluate students, teachers must also be able to solve the problems facing these students.

Various techniques can be done by teachers to manage classes, either to overcome or prevent the onset of the behavior of students who disrupt the course of teaching and learning activities. Techniques such as praise, rules, prohibitions, warnings, penalties and so forth. Classroom management that teachers do is to increase students' enthusiasm to learn either in groups or individually. The existence of a harmonious relationship between teachers and students, and the high cooperation among students is summed up in the form of interaction. The birth of the optimal interaction of course depend on the approach that teachers do in the classroom management. Approach to classroom management can be defined as a fundamental and comprehensive considerations underlying the use of certain techniques in classroom management.
6.  Classroom is a space in which teacher and students interact to complete valued activities and tasks. To make teaching and learning process runs well, beside the conditions of the young learners, teacher should also concern with the arrangement of the desk.
How would you like to arrange the desks in your classroom and state the reasons?
Arrangement of the desk is very important. Because it will assist teachers in delivering the material. I will arrange the seating in the form of U, line or circle because the more convenient form as he watched and moved closer to the students. In addition, the arrangement of the U-shaped table and chairs have met four things:
1) Mobility, allows students to move
2) Accessibility, allows students to access resources and learning aids
3) interaction, allows students to interact with peers and teachers
4) Variety of activities, enabling students to perform a variety of diverse activities, such as discussions and presentations.
7.        There are six features of classroom (Doyle, 1986). One of them is multidimensionality. What does multidimensionality mean?
Multidimensional is the diversity that occurs in the classroom where people with diverse personalities, potentials, abilities, attitudes and different mental capacities, come together as learners for the same purpose, namely gain knowledge and learn together in a fun atmosphere class.

8.        Rules and procedures are needed in good classroom management. As teachers, we have to be consistent in the enforcement of rules and procedures.
a.      What is rule?
Rule is a set of necessary provisions so that there is efficiency in the pursuit of a goal. A good class to have rules. Regulation is not intended to limit the movement of students, but as explanatory. Class rules apply to all class members, including teachers who are in that class. Good regulation has many dimensions to be the center line so that students can learn well and teachers can teach well. The teachers have to do what it says, so students can see examples of people who said to educate her. Teachers should not be too much to set their students, but should facilitate students to learn. So that teachers do not lose control of his class and says that students can not be set.

b.      What is procedure?
The procedure is a series of steps taken or the way to the creation of optimal conditions in the classroom, as well as maintain the optimum conditions so that learning can take place effectively and efficiently.

c.       Give the example of rule for young learner!

§    Don’t come late to class, maximum 15 minutes after the bell rang. For noncompliance, it is not allowed to follow the lessons.
§    Dont chat with friends next to you at the time of the lesson, unless you want to share ideas, ask for help or provide assistance.
§    Do your homework at home, dont do homework at school.
§    Dont cheat on answers from a friend, but do it replicates by yourself.
9.        What kind of activities that will stimulate young learner to learn English better? Elaborate your answer!
Elementary school children going to school basically does not merely want to learn and seek knowledge, but they are to the school to meet and play with his friends. They also tend to like fairy tales that accompanied the pictures are attractive and colorful so they can attract students' interest and attention. With storytelling techniques, teachers voiced sound character according to the story and showed pictures of the color. With the presentation of course material using story telling skills of speaking students are expected to rise, so they are able to speak English with confidence even though still in the form of simple sentences and everyday life. In addition, they also will get new words they do not know. 

10.    Make a simple song about greetings, animal, fruit, or numbers!

Jeruk jeruk jeruk namanya orange
Pisang yang panjang itu banana
Hei Mangga itulah manggo
Semangka manis watermelon
Hei Mangga itulah manggo
Semangka manis watermelon 

11.    Do you think making lesson plan is necessary in teaching learning process? Why?
Preparing lesson plans is very important and must be met by teachers before implementing the Learning Process (PBM). Because in the lesson plan has been clarified regarding the instructional objectives, materials planning, planning tools, methods, and procedures to achieve the learning objectives that the national education which aims at developing the potential of learners in order to be a man who is faithful and devoted to God the Almighty, a certain character noble, healthy, knowledgeable, capable, creative, independent, and become citizens of a democratic and responsible. 

12.    Do you think we have to do all in lesson plan strictly or not? Why? 
No, because a teacher is required to understand the overall material and teaching learning materials such as flexible and should be able to be spontaneous in providing learning, of course, without forgetting the lesson plans that already exist. For example, when in junior high school lesson plan there are no indicators that discussed the day and month names in English, a professional teacher should be able to be spontaneous with providing such materials but still within its own context and not too out of line with lesson plans that have been be prepared.

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